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Santa’s Enchanted Forest 2018 OPENING WEEKEND! World’s Largest Holiday Amusement Park! Miami, FL!
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Welcome to Santa’s Enchanted Forest – the World’s Largest Holiday Theme Park held every year in Miami, FL!! Join me for a tour of Miami’s amazing holiday amusement park on OPENING WEEKEND! We start out at opening and watch as the park transforms from day to night, and thousands of sparkling lights create a beautiful and nostalgic holiday atmosphere! The amusement park also includes many classic fair rides, and I take on a fun house and a roller coaster, and show you many of the classics, including an inside look at the Starship 3000 (an incarnation of the gravitron)! As night falls on the forest, the decor comes to life, and I take you down the main promenade to admire all the cool, neat and quirky displays that you won’t find anywhere else, send a letter to Santa, and have a special moment under the mistletoe!! Santa’s Enchanted Forest is a very unique, and very Miami, amusement park, that is only open from November through the first week of January! I hope you have fun with me as we laugh, ride, and enjoy all the fun of OPENING WEEKEND AT SANTA’S ENCHANTED FOREST MIAMI!!! Thank you!!!