Coral Gables Holiday Park! πŸŽ„ Free, Family Friendly Things to do during the Holidays in Miami!!

via IFTTT Join me for a visit to Coral Gables Holiday Park, a FREE, pop-up, family-friendly holiday-themed park in the City of Coral Gables, right across the street from the beautiful City Hall building and it’s massive Christmas tree! I show you around what the Holiday Park has to offer, walk across the street to City Hall to admire the giant Christmas tree, and take a stroll down the famous Miracle Mile at the heart of The City Beautiful, lined with shops beautifully decorated for the holiday season!! Thank you for joining me for this Miami off-the-beaten path adventure, where I show you WHAT THE LOCALS DO around Miami, FL!!! Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

Hi! My name is Jackie and I am Super Enthused! Join me on weekly adventures to off-the-beaten path events & locations, including theme parks, conventions, state & national parks, historic sites, road trips & more! I’m a native Floridian & share lots of Florida adventures, as well as travel to places beyond the sunshine state!! I am all about living your adventure & sharing good vibes, as well as constantly learning!

My goal is to document & share adventures that entertain and inform! I provide tips, reviews, recommendations, background and insider information, and travel inspiration! Please SUBSCRIBE and click the notification icon to share in the fun! Thank you all for watching & for joining the adventures!

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